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Make all of your travel images look like they were taken with a DSLR. Edit them with this highly vibrant and colorful preset. Your images will look like something straight of a magazine!

Make Your Mobile Images Look Like You Took Them With A Professional Camera

We all have our phones on us, pretty much all of the time, having access to a professional video/photo camera anytime we need. This has changed the way we live our lives. We are constantly snapping photos so they can later serve as wonderful reminders of the amazing times we had or the wonderful people we’ve met and spend time with in our lives. We are able to capture our children our partners, even our food with the small portable devices we carry with us everyday. But these devices can only do so much to make our images look how we truly see them. Cameras will continue increasing in quality but your images will remain the same if you don’t edit them with the appropriate filters/presets.

With The Help of the free App offered by ADOBE Lightroom, we have created these wonderful Mobile Image Presets. We have focused on what makes an image look great and how to bring that look to your mobile images. It has been a long time coming and a lot of hard work but we are finally so proud and happy to present our amazing Mobile Preset Collections. Each collection is based off of one preset and variations that help you edit your images with ease. Get just one Preset or grab the bundle and be ready for any and all memories that are ready for you to capture.

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How To Download, Install and Use Our Mobile Presets

How To:

Download, Install and Use Mobile Presets


• Is This An App?

These Presets are not an app. The Free Adobe Lightroom App is the software needed to use these Presets on your mobile device. You can Download the app for Free on your mobile device using your Google Play App or by going to the App store on your Iphone. Once downloaded you sign up for free via facebook, e-mail or seperate registration.

• How do these work?

Once you have uploaded these Presets onto your Free Adobe Lightroom App, you simply apply them to your images and see which one you like most. You can always modify the presets by making changes to things like white balance, tint and exposure as well as other adjustments that are found when using the Free Adobe Lightroom App.

• How Do I upload these presets?

We have made a short video on how you download these presets once you have bought them. Please watch this video if you are thinking of making a purchase: PLease View Video Above

• Which Preset Pack Should I get?

While we really can't answer this question because we believe all the presets are incredible and know how well they work, we can say that each preset has a description and some before and after images that were taken with an Apple Iphone 7 and some with the Apple Iphone 11. These serve as examples of what the presets can do with simply one click and slight exposure and white balance adjustments. The Free version of Adobe Lightroom gives you more than enough tools to have these presets work their magic on your images. The presets have been tested on various mobile device images and have been crafted to be versatile in their application.