A Wandering Collective Presets

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.”
―Vincent Willem van Gogh

'These presets have changed my life and my photography'

Presets are not just files you use to fix your images, they are tools you use to bring your work to life. They speed up your workflow so you are able to spend more time with your clients, answer more emails, plan more shoots and spend more time doing everything that occupies a busy creatives' mind. Enhance the quality of your images all while increasing you workflow so you can focus on other aspects of your art.

New Marigold Preset Collection!

Bring Out The Natural Beauty Of Your Photographs

Make your images come to life

Find Your Style

We have a wide variety of Presets to choose from. Always with an emphasis on colors and detail. We enjoy colorful , rich edits. Our Voyager pack has been put together to appeal to cinematic color science. Accentuating your pictures blues and skin tones, Voyager helps you create an incredibly clear cinematic look for all your images. Our Overlander pack is for the outdoors person who loves those brown and green tones. Overlander gives your images a perfectly earthy look that will make you want to go out and explore some more. And our Night Owl pack; an incredible mix of some of our favorite black and white presets. From clear cinematic black and whites to matte filled, deep edits, Night Owl has it all.

The Wanderer Pack provides some deep rich colors with lots of great emphasis on the shadows. It is dark colorful and rustic, with a variety of presets to choose from you’ll love the Wanderer Pack. The Dreamer Pack was made to focus on brighter colorful images. Giving you clarity of light and softer tones, The Dreamer Pack will showcase your work Brightly and Colorfully. This is by far one of our most fun packs, emulating different film types that just give you a giddy fun feeling. You cant go wrong either way that you choose but click on each to learn more

Check Out Our Mobile Presets!

Making it easier for you to create incredible art wherever you go, we have come out with our Mobile Presets. You can edit all your mobile images with these incredible presets on the Free Lightroom Mobile App. You don't need to have a DSLR Camera to create Stunning Images. Come check out these Presets and see for yourself.

Presets That Give you Freedom to Create

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Lightroom and Photoshop ACR Presets

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The Polaris Pro-set Collection!


Whats included?

Each pack includes various presets that work with both Photoshop Lightroom and ACR. Some Packs include Color Presets and Workflow Presets (ex: Add Grain, Add Sharpness)

What do they do?

Each Pack is designed to give your images a pop of color and feel unique to each packs theme.

Are These One-Click Presets?

While some presets work extremely well to reduce your workflow, you will find that some will need to be adjusted a bit to your liking. The preset packs have been designed to create tones and colors easy to work with. Exposure and white balance are mandatory to adjust in order for presets to work best.

How do I install the presets?

Please refer to the instructions included in your preset pack installation folder

What editing software do I need in order to use the presets?

In order to benefit from our Wandering Tribe Presets you must be using any Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom version editing software.

Will these work on Jpeg or Raw Files?

The presets will work with both Jpeg and RAW Files

Will these work for my camera?

Our Presets have been tested on various camera profiles. We have designed them to work equally well with all color and camera profiles. If you would like to see more examples of images edited with these presets, please visit our Facebook Group: A Wandering Tribe Collective

What is your return policy?

All Sales are final, there are no refunds, exchanges or returns. Refunds for accidental multiple purchases will be subject to transaction fees. Please be sure that any Product you are purchasing is compatible with your software or camera files (requirements are listed on the Product page), there are no refunds, exchanges or returns for incompatibility. After purchase, Products are delivered as a digital download. We encourage you to make a backup copy of your downloaded Products, but no other copying or reproducing of Products is permitted. Please review our complete Terms & Condition here:

Can I share these presets?

No, distribution of these digital products is illegal and punishable by law


"There's no feeling like the feeling of holding your world in your arms"...

8412 Pool View Ct. Dallas, TX 75249


"There's no feeling like the feeling of holding your world in your arms"...

8412 Pool View Ct. Dallas, TX 75249