Ascend Collection

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Inspired by the diversity of light, colors and styles of shooting, our Ascend Collection has been designed to really highlight skin tones in all varying creative styles so that your images look seamlessly stunning. Our Ascend Collection brings out the colors in all of your images. Or use them to create a uniquely original artistic look.

Our Ascend Collection comes with 6 core Presets and different variations of each, giving you a total of 20 Amazingly different looks!! All of this along with our classic 4 workflow presets: Add Grain, Remove Grain, Add Sharpening and Remove Sharpening.

Presets are digital download products that are compatible with current version of Adobe Photoshop ACR and Adobe Lightroom. Due to the nature of Downloadable products, all sales are final. Please read F.A.Q question on shop page for further inquiries or before purchasing.

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Giving you a great cinematic clean look. Cinematic tones is the perfect preset for any image. Giving it a great pop and contrast of color. Always with emphasis on skin tones, Cinematic tones typically only requires you to work on white balance and basic exposure corrections.


Classic Tones requires some adjusting of the white balance to create a classically punchy and beautiful image. A clean, sharp and well balanced image is inevitable with the Classic tones presets.


Our Clean Presets have a few different variations of our warm and soft edits. Great for any image, this preset has some really great creamy and soft tones which make any image wonderful to look at!


Our Colorful presets bring out our classically warm and colorful edits, and make it super easy to make them your own. Clean, powerfully colorful without being overwhelming, these colorful presets are exactly what you want your image to display.


Our Earthy Presets are to die for. Giving you so much freedom to create something spectacular, these Earthy Preset make your images feel as if the were kissed by mother nature herslef. Warm shadows and moody greens make thes presets uniquely beautiful.


And Lastly but definitely not least; our Vintage Teal and Orange presets are just that. A blast from the past these presets harness the light and Airy teals and oranges of classic images. With different variations, this modern spin on a classic look will have you swooning while you edit.



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