Vintage Vw Bus Minis

Take a trip back in time with our newly Restored 1972 VW Bus, Lola! Get a picture with her right before she heads out to travel all over the world. Slots are limited so be sure to book ASAP!

Vintage Vw Bus Minis Are Here!

It has been almost 3 years since we took upon the task of restoring our 1972 Vw bus, Lola, in order to get her ready to travel all around the U.S. and eventually the world. Before she heads out on her big adventure we are holding one of a kind Vintage Volkswagen Minis!

These minis will be perfectly retro and vintage. A perfect blend of outdoorsy and comfortable, a fun time for the whole family.  Come sit back and enjoy our one of a kind adventurevan.


• Where are the minis going to be held?

As of right now the location is still to be declared. We will, however, pick a location within the DFW area in order to make it easy for all to book and arrive without too long of a drive.

• What Time slot is the best time slot

Again, we are scouting for a location that allows for all time slots to be in ideal lighting conditions. Having the perfect light is essential for all portraits and we are choosing a location which will deliver this well for all our Sessions.

• Will Lola look like she does in these pictures?

No, Lola is getting a fresh coat of paint, same color, and has a whole new interior since these images were taken. She will also be decorated perfectly in order to give our setup a Comfy Vintage Camper feel.

• How Much?

These minis are super discounted at only $350 for a 25 min session. The session allows for 5 individuals to sit in during the mini session, additional members can sit in for a "sit-in" fee of $45 per additional person. The full $350 is due at the time of booking with, $150 of that is refundable should the need for cancellation should arise.

• How many pictures do we get?

During the 25 minute mini session, you are guaranteed 25+ images. These will be delivered to you via a private online gallery where you can download your images and even order prints! (prints are sold separately)

• What do I need to bring?

We suggest bringing snack and drinks. Texas is getting hotter so hydration is key. Thankfully the sessions are only 25 minutes, so the heat will not have to be endured too long at all. We are encouraging clients to bring their own blankets as to prevent the spread of Covid-19. We will also be taking other measures to help alleviate concerns of the current pandemic. If you have any other questions please feel free to reach out to us via email at:

• What About Coronavirus/ Covid 19?

We are very aware of the dangers that Covid-19 presents, because of that we are taking the necessary measures to make sure every one of our clients is safe during our mini sessions. We encourage clients to bring their own blankets to wrap themselves with and sit on. Surfaces will be sanitized after every session, and we will be wearing protective masks while photographing everyone. Temperatures will not be taken, but we do ask that everyone participating be in good health prior and during the Session. If the need to cancel should arise please feel free to contact us in order to resolve the situation.

• Finally, How do I Book?

This is the easiest part, just click the Link below and fill out the Booking form!